Sky Ball App Reviews

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This game is AWESOME

This game is perfect In my opinion there is no corrections needed 😛😁😄😃😀❤️❤️❤️

Sky Ball has given my child 3rd degree rug burn

I’m sorry to say but I can only give this game 4 stars My child was playing this game at 3 am and he was running down stairs while playing this game he was also running with a fork in his hand so while he was running he tripped because he lost in sky ball because he fell through a fake platform and a fork broke his rib and pierced his lung and he fell into the fire place and burned it was sad but true so I got him a cup of water and he drank it and fell on rig and got burned I’m sorry but this Is F A C T S anyways that is what I will say please give me 100000000 gems on ketchapp for my lose and please don’t do this again give me the gems and all will be okay


The game is addicting and works your brain, but it also is difficult and hard sometimes and can stress you out.

It wouldn’t give me my prize

I did my daily login and it didn’t give it to me

This awesome game called Sky ball

Sky ball is the best it is so fun this is my favorite game in the hole world


Really fun

It’s ok

Not the greatest but it’s really fun!!!! I play it every day lol

Terrible programming

I’ve landed in the middle and on the sides of the planks you’re supposed to land on and still fallen through. Programming is messed up.

Paying for no advertising joke

Well in my view paying for no advertising means not having to hit different selections to avoid ads. How about just removing them? That’s what I paid for. Hit the wrong button and you’re stuck watching an ad! Ruins the game !

Ok..not to good

This game is very addicting but there are some down sides to the game the skins are really not to fun and the new update is really bad but for the most part the game is ok.

Paid for the game and it still plays adds

Title says it all

Way too easy

Fun game, but gets old quick. On my second try I got 1,153,848 without trying too hard...


So addicting


Yeah man


There are way to many stupid ads for their other stupid games and always end up losing cause the ads just pop it if nowhere and I’m like could you stop like for real for real it’s sups annoying. Love you bye 😁💖

Needs to keep improving

This game is really fun, but aside from cosmetics there's very little variety. It can get old kinda quickly. Also the reward system for landing in the middle of the platform needs to be nerfed.

Dysiah R.

Wonderful game overall!!! Look the vibrations and the intensity of the game a Con of the game is that there’s to many ads and it’s kinda frustrating I would also appreciate if you a zero add price I would really appreciate that Greatly😃😃😃😄

We will just need some time for the new games you made


Great Game But...

It’s a good game but sometimes I glitch through the floor when I land. That’s the only bad thing about this game. :) It also makes me rage a little but that’s just me.😁


There ARE ads, and they are too long, and they waste time. People who say otherwise are just flat out lying. Please stay away from this generic game...


This game is just awesome I saw it and played it and love it

Sky ball

This game is really fun to play but gets harder

Good Game

Good game

Great game

Very fun addicting my record is 250000




Fun game but I had to delete it to many game adds popping up while your trying to play every time you lose you gotta sit threw a long game add sorry gotta part ways with this app

Not sure about the scoring

How can I get a score of 17,000+ and only get credit for 3 jumps? Which one of us can't count?

it’s ok, but...

The game is just a little hard to control. also the game is bad quality so please fix that so yeah


I do not really like how the only way to get a high score in this game is to land in the center every time. It makes it pointless to try and get as far as you can if you don’t hit the middle every time. It’s a really fun game and would be even better if they made a change to the way the score works

Please Read

So this game is super fun and it’s easy to get new balls and blocks. It’s easy to play the game and it’s fun to try and beat your high score. However, this app lags. Badly. It lags and can be very slow. Besides that it’s a super fun game!

Fun game but some bugs

It's a really fun game but a lot of times when I try to land on a platform my ball just phases through and I lose the game, also often times when the platforms are moving the platform is too far to the side so I can't reach it :/

Love it

It was so awesome. Love the creators

Good game

Great game had fun playing


One of the best add apps on tbe App Store. You will be able to watch adds all day. I would have given it 5 stars but they have these pesky little short games that pop-up and ruin your add. Beginning, the middle and at the end. Great app if you don’t mind playing short games; only way to get back to your adds.

Amazing but the adds

This game is amazing but is annoying to play because of adds

Love it

This game is awesome


I can’t stop playing!

Really fun

I got this game a few days ago and it is worth spending time to play it

This game

Love the game

It’s great but...

It’s be nice to have a multiplayer mode when you can challenge your friends and beat each other high scores.

A ok game

I wouldn’t say this is the worst game but I don’t like it that much but it’s it’s pretty good

Hard but fun

It’s hard,but fun

Great game

Pretty fun but Is a massive waste of time

It’s alright

It is pretty fun once u start playing it but once u play it a lot you get a little bored and then more bored until u just don’t play it anymore.😬


I’m doing this because I feel bad for the owners of the game buying reviews

Stupid Game, And BoringToo!!

Don’t download it, it’s legit too boring


ndjsnsmsb djs end dns did




If you are bored this game will leave you playing this for hours. Plus it’s such a fun challenge and is good for all ages! It’s so fun to get new balls and beat your high score!

A complex game

I’m debating whether i like this game or not

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