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Landing in the middle

The thing that gets you the most points in this game are the middle lines, I also realized that if you don’t go for a “middle line streak” you get hardly any points. I could jump on those little platforms for 3 minutes and get less points than if I landed 8 middle line shots in a row, sometimes it gets a little redundant. My suggestion, have different game modes: 1. Game mode where you try hitting the middle lines, but instead of a counter going up depending on how long you travel for. A counter telling you how many times in a row you hit the middle line. This would be good for people that enjoy the aspect of precise and fast aiming (and the adrenaline it provides, guilty.) 2. Game mode where the platforms are thinner and move faster. There is no pressure to aim for the middle line but it’s still not boring. Counter goes up on how long you’ve survived for but also gains a certain amount for every platform you hit, giving player some satisfaction and goal while also entertaining them. There are a lot of other tiny details I would add but that would be a whole separate paragraph. (Optional) 3: Game mode where it’s extremely easy, this would be for people that really have no time, maybe they’re on the bus and want to play a little mini game in their phone. Jumping from platform to platform. I would add really nice graphics to this so it’s not as boring, something that isn’t repetitive. I have multiple graphical ideas that would work but like I said before, it would be another wall of text. A lot of these games have potential but I feel like they’re just coded in a couple days, sent to Ketchapp, then posted on their App Store account.. Occasionally they might fix a few bugs here, add a new sound effect there, add a nice cosmetic and call it a month. Not trying to insult the devs as this is the #1 played game on my phone at the moment, but I’d like to pitch some of my ideas, as a consumer and a business partner. Contact me if interested

Fun but please fix following

I’ve had it glitch through the block when you go fast I donno why it does it but please fix it thanks❗️

Very fun game gets boring

It’s a very fun and addictive game but once you get all of the balls unlocked you lose all interest the game which is what happened to me . I got a very high score and then I just lost all interest though if you are just looking for a fun temporary game . This is it

Its pretty good

Its a good way to pass time when i have nothing to do for a small amount of time

Bug life

Game fun but there is a lot of bugs

Daily rewards

I love this game, but your supposed to get rewards for signing in for consecutive days. On my fourth or fifth day, the app didn’t give me my rewards. Other than this little slip up, it’s my favorite game for iPhone

Love this game

So many adds but the game is epic the balls are sooooo awesome!!!!!!!!! It is a family game you can enjoy. Everyone can get a chance or more u don’t even have to buy anything! You will have an amazing experience with this game. It’s a life changer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤪😛🤪😛😛😍😘❤️ And a special shout out to the person who made this game. I will play and play all day.


To many adds it’s fun but don’t recommend it it pretty boring


Hate this game so much I want to puke

Good game

Really good game I rarely make reviews but it’s a very good game and addicting pretty sure it’s the game that’s stayed on my phone this whole time I’ve had it

It could be better.

Its fun but I liked it before the update where it rewarded you for landing in the middle. It took actual skill and talent to get play the game, now I feel like it's too easy to achieve a high score. I prefer it the way it was before when the longer you get rewarded for how long you were able to keep going and landing on the platforms. Also alot of the times when you land on the very edge you faze through the platforms.


It’s awesome. Just, u get nauseous.

Great game

I can never stop playing this game until I am tired

Good games but some flaws

This is a really fun but addictive game. There are a lot of ads and the most of the skins for the balls aren't cute but there are cute ones. I do love this game though

Good game

Best game ever.


Game is cool never has adds I never stop I play it all day


Super entertaining on airplanes.

Too many adds

Trying to get to learn the game, and died a couple times, had to sit though endless adds that made super uninterested in it... deleted it a minute later


So much fun and a bit of an adrenaline rush 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

this is dum


Sky Ball

Sky Ball is amazing in so many different ways The best thing I like about sky ball is that there is so many different obstacles and I think there should Be a sky ball two and three but make them free apps so everybody can play because if you say you have to pay for it not many people will get the app. Sky ball is one of the best ball games I ever see. So I hope you have a good day and don’t forget to make a Sky Ball two🙂and😊three.

Fun but repetitive

Good game with a few problems, first off this game is very fun to grind and improve your high score. I still have problems with it though, after playing for a while you learn that the only way to get a good score is to chain perfect landings(landing in the middle of the board) and that is entirely what the game boils down to. There is no distance tracker in the current build so there is no reward for the length of runs just how many times you can land in the middle. The game is also a little buggy but that is to be expected with mobile games. You can land though a platform which kills your run and the ball can bounce up after landing which can kill your streak. The customization is nice but I found that any block that has a line down the middle will help out with perfect landings and everything else is obsolete unless you are not going for a high score Yeah ads but it’s to be expected with free mobile games Overall not bad 3.5 stars 👍


This game is fun to play but it is to hard.One of my kids cry’s because it’s so so hard.

Good game but bad squares

One day I was playing this game and I got so tired of using the ball. So then I tried to switch to the square. When I select the square I want to use, the game automatically switches to the default ball. I really dislike this because I can never get the opportunity to use the square. It is upsetting and hurts my feeling that a good game can’t do something so simple like change this bug.

This is a good game

It is very fun and challenging you may play it for just a few minutes and then think you don’t want it but later on your gonna wish you had kept this game cause it is fun and challenging so you should get this game.

This game is a big help

Any time I find myself bored or feel like I have nothing to do I open this game and the time passes by a lot quicker the gameplay makes you want to keep beating your own high scores very fun and not too glitchy as far as my own experience goes

Kill your self

Your game is terrible unresponsive and overall has nothing good abou it

To Many ads


Amazing game! But needs to fix annoying glitch

This game is so addicting! I love it so much. Unfortunately it has this annoying glitch that makes the ball fall through the platform. This really makes you want to throw your phone across the room. If the glitch were fixed the game would be absolutely perfect!

Fun Game

It is a very fun game to play!!!

EXCELLENT!!! Except...

This game is fantastic! I love to play it and would love to continue playing it! I have had so much fun getting new balls and being challenged! I would recommend this game to anyone of any age! It’s hard to not have fun in this game!It’s super fun, but, sky ball keeps glitching out on me. Sometimes an add will just pop right up while in the middle of a game. And even when I try to go into the app, the app will stop working and kick me out of sky ball. I would really love to play this game again, but I can’t until it’s fixed. So please, do what you must! 😉


The game is so much fun and I love it!😱👍🏻😂😜👍🏻

The perfect lands kind of ruin the game.

The game is really fun, but after the new update with the “perfect lands”, I haven’t played as much. First of all, they make the game way too easy. Before I liked the game because it was challenging, but now it is really easy to get a really high score. Also, these perfect lands make smoke come out of the ball you are using, and that blocks the screen view. If you keep the perfect lands, at least change the way you show them off. Maybe it goes from regular to silver then to gold! At least that doesn’t cover the view. Overall, without the weird update, the game is great.

What a RIP OFF

I played that game everyday for a long time because there were daily reward and I Findlay got to the end for the surprise part and it literally showed me nothing and there was liek the glowing stuff around it where you get your prize. Extremely disappointed. J

Its cool

So yeah, sky thought was pretty good but I mean the ball skills are pretty bad too I mean they took pictures of other things and put them onto the balls to make look cooler but sorry but it just doesn’t look good enough. I mean at least come up with your own ball skins it would look much better if you did. I love how you can land right in the middle of the platform and get extra points. That’s how I got so many points.Other than that it’s pretty good game.


I think that this game is for people with low expectations. This game is kinda boring. I try to play it every day to get the daily rewards, but all I get is day one over and over again. This game doesn’t deserve any rating over 1 star. Over all, this game is a rip of. No wonder it is free


GREATEST GAME ON MY PHONE. It is SOO fun and Challenging I LOVE IT.


The game was bad


Super cool updates and lots of balls that will take a long time to get!Nice intense music that keeps me on my toes. One thing that a lot of games are missing!


I’d rather have to play this game

Sky ball

This game to me is addicting and I play like every day and it’s cool even my 4 year old brother plays it

Not bad game too many adds

It is a fairly good game but they just keep advertising. And I realize that that’s how they make money so adds are not bad but they just used it too much in this game but overall not bad.

Ad simulator

Opens app, immediate ad. Like can’t play 2seconds without an ad :/ depressing

Very very good



Great game

The Surprise Is Nothing 😂

Although disappointed that when you get to the end of the week the surprise is nothing , this is still a very fun a highly addicting game ☺️


Love this game

Sky Ball

I play on iOS 10 and the ball is a little bit slow

Fun and not fun

READ THE HOLE THING!!! This is a very addictive and entertaining app, but if you like to try and do good every time... you’re going to rage soooo much because there’s this glitch where I fall through planks and it’s sooo annoying Please fix this in the next update, but other than that it’s a fun game

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