Sky Ball 应用的评论


Sky ball

This game to me is addicting and I play like every day and it’s cool even my 4 year old brother plays it

Not bad game too many adds

It is a fairly good game but they just keep advertising. And I realize that that’s how they make money so adds are not bad but they just used it too much in this game but overall not bad.

Ad simulator

Opens app, immediate ad. Like can’t play 2seconds without an ad :/ depressing

Very very good



Great game

Fun but some glitches

This game is somewhat fun but there’s some glitches like falling through planks

The Surprise Is Nothing 😂

Although disappointed that when you get to the end of the week the surprise is nothing , this is still a very fun a highly addicting game ☺️


Love this game

Sky Ball

I play on iOS 10 and the ball is a little bit slow

Fun and not fun

READ THE HOLE THING!!! This is a very addictive and entertaining app, but if you like to try and do good every time... you’re going to rage soooo much because there’s this glitch where I fall through planks and it’s sooo annoying Please fix this in the next update, but other than that it’s a fun game

Sky ball

The game is great


At first you’re not used to it at the same time it’s kind of fun after a while you get used to it and I get funnier and funnier!

Sky Ball

Very Good Game (But Uncomfortable!)


Cook game very challenging


It’s a decent game but I can’t tell you how many times I went right through platforms AND how many times I’ll be dropping and it’s impossible to get to the platform I’m supposed to. Other than that, pretty good.

Fun but....

Fun game, but way too many ads. 30 sec ads after each run is just too much.

1 star

This is awful but I love it 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i dont like it because it is not happy and it is very mad but it is a fun game that is very happy it’s mood is contagious weeeeee



Ok but unfair

I know for a fact I played the game for 7 days for the prize it gives you on the 7th day and it never gave me it. It just skipped over and went back to day one. It’s fun but gets boring after awhile


It’s a great game thanks keep up the good work


Absolutely addictive I love it!!! So much fun to play, and I love all the different balls!!!


Fun game! Wish I could play it but the last update crashes the game consistently on my 7+ :/


I really LOVE this game its so fun & additive.I even like the challenges!not saying that anybody else doesn’t like the challenges...but some people think there to hard...but NOT me! 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 P e R f E c T G a M e ! ! !

I love it

I am absolutely addicted to this game I LOVE it


This is a good game but it has a lot of lag so its not 5 star.It's a good game because. It’s a good game because it’s addicting and fun. I love this game/app.


Love this game


I love this game i play it everyday get is


😎 cool

Option problem

I love this game, but when it comes to choosing your sky ball I want to pick it myself. In this game you press a button and you automatically get a certain ball but I think that I should get it to pick myself.For example, what if you don't like the ball you get? Then what?🙁Besides that the rest of the game is totally awesome!😄

Solution to ads

If you are annoyed at the ads there’s a life hack it works with all games that don’t need WiFi including this one so you turn off your WiFi and turn on airplane mode and then there will be no ads!👍🏽

5 starts

I love it

Too many ads

Had to uninstall

So challenge 8 ??

I got this game last night and have made it through the first 7 challenges pretty easily. Then I get to challenge 8 “jump 92 times in 2 games” My first thoughts were “okay this is gonna be really hard... maybe they don’t mean what I think they mean??” But then I play 2 games and get like 10 jumps.. now I’m thinking “well ig I’ll just have to keep playing and get better” so ig that’s what I’m gonna do. It’s totally unfair for the challenges to go from “super easy, get it in a few games” to “holy crap how am I ever going to finish this?!!” But other than that, pretty great game

ball good

good boys

Not as good as it looks


Daily rewards are bugged

I’ve been playing this game for many weeks, even before they added the incentive to land in the middle of the platforms. It’s been a fun game but my issue is the daily reward system, everytime I get to the last prize it shows and gives me nothing. I thought it was bugged but it really hasn’t given me anything since I’ve started playing the game. Other than that it’s fun.


This game is fun and really addicting but I do not like when you are in the middle of playing and an ad pops up, it messing me up every time, otherwise the game is fun.


It’s literally one game then a 30 second non-skip ad.

This game is AWESOME

This game is perfect In my opinion there is no corrections needed 😛😁😄😃😀❤️❤️❤️

Sky Ball has given my child 3rd degree rug burn

I’m sorry to say but I can only give this game 4 stars My child was playing this game at 3 am and he was running down stairs while playing this game he was also running with a fork in his hand so while he was running he tripped because he lost in sky ball because he fell through a fake platform and a fork broke his rib and pierced his lung and he fell into the fire place and burned it was sad but true so I got him a cup of water and he drank it and fell on rig and got burned I’m sorry but this Is F A C T S anyways that is what I will say please give me 100000000 gems on ketchapp for my lose and please don’t do this again give me the gems and all will be okay


The game is addicting and works your brain, but it also is difficult and hard sometimes and can stress you out.

It wouldn’t give me my prize

I did my daily login and it didn’t give it to me

This awesome game called Sky ball

Sky ball is the best it is so fun this is my favorite game in the hole world


Really fun

It’s ok

Not the greatest but it’s really fun!!!! I play it every day lol

Terrible programming

I’ve landed in the middle and on the sides of the planks you’re supposed to land on and still fallen through. Programming is messed up.

Paying for no advertising joke

Well in my view paying for no advertising means not having to hit different selections to avoid ads. How about just removing them? That’s what I paid for. Hit the wrong button and you’re stuck watching an ad! Ruins the game !

Ok..not to good

This game is very addicting but there are some down sides to the game the skins are really not to fun and the new update is really bad but for the most part the game is ok.

Paid for the game and it still plays adds

Title says it all

Way too easy

Fun game, but gets old quick. On my second try I got 1,153,848 without trying too hard...

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